Life Drawing

When we were on holiday in Devon, my friend Mrs UHDD and I went to a couple of Life Drawing sessions in Kingsbridge. It was very absorbing and an interesting way to spend a couple of hours or so. Here is a small selection of the sketches I did there, although the process of looking and drawing is defintely more interesting than the outcome!

Life drawing in Devon


Three Feathers

A pastel drawing of some feathers I did a couple of years ago.


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A watercolour sketch I made of our friends’ dog, Spud. He’s a typical Springer, full of fun and bounce.

Hello world!

Hello! Welcome to my blog. Make yourself comfy, have a biscuit and a nice cup of tea while I think of things to write and post. I’m a freelance illustrator and incorrigible doodler, obsessed with the coast but living in a lovely village¬† inland with my boys, Mr Ogg and Mitch (11yrs)¬† and my cat Moo (15yrs).